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Who we are

We are a company specialized in decorative ceramics, with equidistant design between tradition and modernity and thus desirable to international markets.

We are located in the north of Portugal, Barcelos, an area of ​​lands rich in water and clay, which led to the emergence of several pottery artisans since old times. Already in century XVI, Friar Bartolomeu dos Mártires spoke to the Pope, at the council of Trent, about the famous “pottery of Barcelos”. This whole tradition is today exhibited at the Museu de Olaria de Barcelos.

In many workshops of this art, little has changed in their manufacturing process. Centelhas, aware of the current world needs, has been investing in its industrialization but always without forgetting its essence, its historical handicraft roots of this area.

For several decades, we have refined the art of clay transformation. All of our pieces are produced with commitment and dedication, to always have top quality. Furthermore, we always do our best so that our service is also of excellence and thus establish lasting partnerships with our customers, who are mostly international.

We trust in an offer with a competitive design, quality, delivery time, and price that allow us to continue to grow in a sustained manner.

Our objectives

  • Maintain a high level of product quality and reliability
  • Increase ability to select raw materials and suppliers
  • Reduce losses and waste
  • Reduce the turnover of human resources and retain the most creative and competent
  • Improve working and operating conditions
  • For this very reason, increase per capita productivity
  • Grow in net margins
  • Be internationally known and increase internationalization rates

See some works from our gallery